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Aeration - Why and How?


The increased oxygen levels and circulation created by aeration has a positive
effect on ponds year round, from preventing fish kills in the wintertime to
helping reduce algae, sediment and odor in the summertime

Surface Aeration (Fountains) vs. Diffused Aeration - What should I do?

Fountains are a popular choice when decorative aerator is desired. Fountains splash the surface of the pond and help control surface algae and duckweed, but do not aerate down to the bottom of deep ponds.

Surface Aeration or Fountains works best in ponds under 4 feet deep.

Diffused aeration is the best way to aerate deep ponds. Because the air diffuser lies on the bottom you achieve total pond aeration from top to bottom regardless of depth. Diffuser Systems should not be used in ponds less than 4 feet deep.

* The deeper an air diffuser is located, the more boiling action it will create and a larger area will be aerated. 

* Because ponds come in all sizes and shapes, feel free to call us with your needs and we can design a system tailored to your pond.

Example: Our PA33 pond aerator would aerate only 1/8 of an acre if operated in 4' deep water, while aerating up to 1-1/2 acres if operating in 18'-20' of water.
Ponds that are irregular or odd shaped will also reduce size of aeration area - call one of our technical assistance folks for additional help.

Diffuser Aeration Layout

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