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Here is our new E catalog made available for you just in time for peak pond season!

We are very excited about this catalog for many reasons…

The best part of our new catalog is that is includes every single item we stock!
Next is the layout – we feel it is very easy to browse and has an index.
We also feel it is very informative and the information  can help you learn a great deal and answer many of your questions.
Lastly we are excited that we have Launched our first E-Catalog.

In the past we have printed and mailed catalogs, but this year we have gone with an E- Catalog.
This E-Catalog saves on trees, tens of thousands of dollars in printing costs and a huge amount in postage. So many times people get a catalog and then it ends up missing. Now you have it when ever you want it!
Once again we are doing what we can to make our carbon foot print even smaller.

It can also be found on the left hand side of our website for easy access.

If you want your own copy please send us an email and we will mail one to you on CD for FREE!

We certainly hope you like the new catalog as much as we do!

Thank you so much for your continued business and loyalty. As always we will do our absolute best to serve you!

Paul and Crissy Cole

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