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Customer Showcase

Tom’s Back-Yard Waterfall. Here is a picture that one of our customers sent us. That looks fantastic, just look at how the water falls from step to step. Tom Carney had a vision to build a water feature into his hillside at his home in North Carolina. He purchased a Just a Falls kit from [...]

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Pond Calculations

Here is a very handy list of calculations, good practices regarding ponds and water gardens. I recommend you bookmark this page for later reference. Calculate liner size: Measure the maximum length and the maximum width of the pond. Add the maximum depth x 2 to each dimension then add another two feet of liner to [...]

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Reservoir-Cubes or (Res-Cubes) are an excellent way to simplify installation of water falls \ Just-A-Falls, formal fountains, pond less kits and other basins typically using a large quantity of rock. These strong plastic cubes can be stacked together to partially or totally fill the reservoir. This reduces the labor involved; reservoir size; and material cost in pond [...]

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