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Bold Moves at being GREEN

Green Web Hosting We are a “green” web site! We continually purchase enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to be carbon neutral, which means we offset all of energy used by the servers and other hardware used to host our website, and the energy used by our office equipment with clean, renewable wind energy. In fact, [...]

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Rainwater Harvesting

OK, I am all for the environment, I am on board with many of the GREEN initiatives, but some applications of green initiatives seem like a stretch to me. Here is a topic I am wrestling with РRainwater Harvesting for decorative ponds and water gardens? Good info on Rainwater Harvesting from AquaScapes Р http://www.aquascapeinc.com/why_rainwater_harvesting [...]

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Capture the Wind!

Aeration is the single best improvement you can do for a pond or lake & your fish – plus a diffuser system is also your winter de-icer to protect your fish from winter kill where deadly gases can’t get through the ice and the toxins kill your fish. So…. use a diffuser system and perhaps [...]

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