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With Spring in full swing so is the risk of your pond being out of control and the likely possibility of an algae bloom. Avoid all of those headaches and enjoy your pond with a couple simple tips.

Make sure you pH level is in check - make sure it is between 6.8 and 8.2. if it isn’t you at greater risk and so are your fish, plus if your pH is not set right your expensive water treatments will have little to no effect.

Next, it is always important to add good bacteria to you pond. For small water gardens (under 6,000 gallons) I like liquid bacteria. For larger ponds I recommend the 8 ounce water soluble bags called Pond Vive. Your should be adding bacteria to your pond every 2-3 weeks during the months that your water is over 55 degrees F.

The same goes for algae treatments. Why wait until you have an algae boom. I recommend treating your water gardens and smaller ponds with AlgaeFix or Algaway every 2 weeks during the high sunlight months. These simple treatments will save you from wasting a long precious Saturday or Sunday cleaning your pond.
Another alternative to algaecide is a UV light that bursts and kills the algae spores as the water flows past the light bulb. Give us a call and we can set you up with one that is great for your application.
Also now that your water is over 55F you should be feeding your fish regularly. Not too much, otherwise it is waste and that could lead to any overload of nutrients in your pond.
Enjoy the weather.

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