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Reservoir-Cubes or (Res-Cubes) are an excellent way to simplify installation of water falls \ Just-A-Falls, formal fountains, pond less kits and other basins typically using a large quantity of rock. These strong plastic cubes can be stacked together to partially or totally fill the reservoir. This reduces the labor involved; reservoir size; and material cost in pond liner, underlayment and rock!

Reservoirs without res cubes hold 40% water and 60% stone. Using Res-Cubes you increase water to 85% and reduce rock to 15%! This allows you to hold more water in a smaller area, reducing the reservoir size needed.

They measure 19″ long x 13″ wide x 11″ high & are stacked & connected together with zip ties.

Cost for the cubes alone is less than or equal to the same as the cost of the rock (some rock costs even more, delivery charges, etc.) but the labor & equipment rental savings is huge.

One person can carry and install 60 Res-Cubes by themselves (no machine) in less than 15 minutes! Imagine how long it would take to move that much rock!

Speaking from experience – I wouldn’t do it any other way. Save your back!

If you are a “do it your selfer” it makes the project much easier and easy to tackle in a weekend.

If you are a landscaper, you just saved time and money allowing you to make more money & you didn’t injure an employee or yourself moving heavy rock.

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