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OK, I am all for the environment, I am on board with many of the GREEN initiatives, but some applications of green initiatives seem like a stretch to me.

Here is a topic I am wrestling with – Rainwater Harvesting for decorative ponds and water gardens? Good info on Rainwater Harvesting from AquaScapes –  http://www.aquascapeinc.com/why_rainwater_harvesting

Again I support rainwater harvesting in remote areas where water isn’t available, to conserve etc.. Yet here we are talking about optional ponds for beauty – oh sure and watering your flowers and washing your car…
Obviously if water isn’t available why would you build a pond in the first place? If you can’t afford to fill it or keep it filled would you spend the money to build a pond anyway? If water was so scarce would you be rude and build a pond? Evaporation amount in a small decorative pond is almost insignificant in terms of water usage and cost. Plus when it rains you get some recovery from what falls in your pond anyway.

Am I missing something? To me it just seems crazy to spend all of the extra money to install a rainwater harvesting system for a decorative pond. All of the excavation, hard work, liner, reservoir cubes, pumps, aeration, holding tanks, plumbing etc.. to feed some rain water to an optional pond??? Come on now…

Is this a sales ploy feeding off a green initiative and convincing people into spending more money. I am betting universities, large companies and city projects will spend the money though guilt – “being good stewards of the environment”…

Here is my take – how much more of a carbon footprint, expense was needed to manufacture all of that extra unecessary product required to make the rain harvesting sytem work, or the extra electricity to run it? How much more chemicals or water treatments are needed to treat that extra water from the holding area? On this page you can see a schematic for what you need – it is impressive, well thought out and I am sure it works great, but is it needed? http://www.rainxchange.com/

I can’t find any environmentalists screaming for a need for such a technology for small ponds and formal water features??

Am I off base? Is there a need for this that I am missing , perhaps there is.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions.


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