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New! Sentinel Deluxe Aeration Systems

Complete Kit!








Each package includes our deluxe powder coated locking cabinet complete with a GAST air compressor, a cooling fan and a electrical box/outlet already mounted and ready for your incoming power line.

Of course each kit also comes with the amount of diffusers and tubing for your application.
All valving is complete and there are holes in the cabinet to run your hose out to you diffusers.

Every compressor has a valved outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve, air filter and a pressure gauge installed. You simply set cabinet in desired location, install the air diffusers and
connect the tubing!

      Cabinet - 5 Years!
      Diffusers – 5 Years!
      Compressor – One year!

Part  # HP *Cost  per 24 hrs # of Diffusers Max Depth Aerates up to Weighted Tubing Length
PA33D 1/4   $0.47       1   40′ 1 acre 100′ (3/8″)
PA50D 1/4   $1.24       2   18′     2 acres 200′ (1/2″)
PA65D 1/3   $1.32       3   40′ 3 acres 300′ (1/2″)
PA75D 3/4   $2.98       4   18′ 4 acres 600′ (1/2″)
PA100D  1   $3.47       6   18′ 6 acres 1,000″ (1/2″)

Best of all we are offering the lowest prices available and FREE SHIPING !We can also custom design an aeration system for almost any application.
The type of compressor, the length of tubing, weighted vs. non-weighted tubing, the number of diffusers, etc. We can all be mix and
match to give you a system to fit your exact needs. Please contact us for design assistance.

Custom Aeration Systems

Google Earth Mapping
For ponds and lakes one acre or larger we can view your aeration application
using Google Earth Mapping. Provide us with site address, pond depth (Google
isn’t that good yet!) and where power is located (or desired), we can then size a
system for your application.

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