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Here is a product that I am excited about. It does what other pond vacuums have tried to do for years!

The Pond Monsta is a revolution in pond cleaning!
Finally, a system that really works! The Pond Monsta is a continuous vacuuming system that is up to four times faster than traditional pond vacuums that have to be emptied over and over. Leaves and other debris are sucked up through the vacuum and pumped into a debris collector. Water from the collector can be recycled back into the pond if sludge content is not high. For high sludge content, water can be discharged onto lawn, flower beds, etc.

Click here to watch the video!

• Powerful 115v, 350w motor with 40′ power
• Remote control on/off button built into handle
• Much quieter than traditional pond vacuums with motor underwater
• Spare impeller included with every unit
• With over 15,000 units sold in Europe it has been thoroughly tested
• Package includes: submersible vacuum head, 20′ discharge hose,
7′ telescoping handle, debris collecting basket.

This Vacuum works – I give you my word on that!
List Price is $499.99

You can buy it for $399 (click to shop and buy)and with FREE SHIPPING

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