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As the weather gets cold so does your pond and you need to keep your koi safe. As temps start dropping – cut back on feeding and once water temps are 50 degrees or lower you should stop feeding – perhaps a light feeding on a warm day when it is sunny.
Use netting over your pond through fall and get the leaves out of there. Leaves will breakdown and can be toxic to the koi when the ice traps in the harmful gases.
In the summer months the bottom of your pond stays cool and the top is warmer from the sun. In the winter the opposite occurs. That being said it is better to keep that warmth in the pond. To help keep that warmth you should move your submersible pump up from the very bottom of the pond leaving at least 1 – 2 feet undisturbed. This will help keep that warmer water available on the bottom for the fish. Then once it gets real cold, go ahead and turn off the pump and falls & plug in your aerator. Your filter won’t be working, but without the fish feeding & with the water temps low there is little need to filter. You are better off retaining the heat in the pond and providing oxygen from an aerator. Likewise, don’t put the aerator on the very bottom – keep it at least 1-2′ off the bottom.
If you don’t use an aerator then certainly use a heater \ de-icer. You must allow the toxic gases in the pond to escape through the ice – if not your koi may get sick & could likely die.

If your pond is extremely shallow and you get very cold weather and thick ice, you may need to consider wintering you koi in a remote tank elsewhere.

You may also want to read a previous post about preparing you pump for winter.

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