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There is no doubt that fountains are beautiful and add a great deal of beauty and character to any pond or lake. Unfortunately over the years terminology and differing brands have confused people – most of the calls we receive are regarding people with an interest in fountains, but they don’t know where to begin. In this blog post I hope to clear the air and get back to simplicity.

Kasco Fountain

Fountains are very benificial to a pond or lake by providing aeration, circulation and of course - beauty, but don’t foget about the soothing sound they provide. The sound is very relaxing and can also disguise noisy streets or other unwanted noises. Here is a video & audio  (once you click just scroll down and pick a video) of an Aquatic Aeration fountain.

As fountains shoot water up in the air and the water crashes down on the pond – this oxygenates the water which greatly improves water quality and habitat. This water movement pattern also keeps water circulating throughout the pond, keeping the surface clean, free of algae and equalizing some of the water temperature from greater depths. Most fountains will circulate water depths from 4 – 6 feet deep.  We do carry some brands that can move water from 10′ deep or more using a draw tube.

Fountains are a simple floating head with a pump attached underneath. The floating fountain assembly is either tied to blocks at the bottom or to the edges of the pond or lake with stakes.

Most of the confusion surrounds how big of a motor or how much horsepower do you need. Which then leads into power supply and energy usage. Most normal size units run on standard 115 household voltage and a 1 Horsepower unit pulls about the same a good strong vacuum cleaner – 11 amps.

Three things can influence what size you should buy. How big is the pond or lake, how big (height and width) is the spray pattern you want and how big is your budget.

There is an old rule of thumb that for every acre in size you should have 1 horsepower. Spray height is simple by looking at the various charts and patterns. Pick the pattern you like and how big of a display looks good to you – this may impact what size you buy. Lastly and usually most important is price. 1 HP and smaller fountains are certainly more affordable and are the most widely used.

See – it isn’t all that complicated. We carry a large variety of fountains ( EasyPro, Kasco, Air-O-Lator, Aquatic Aeration and Aqua Master) and they all come with everything you need. Fountain assembly, mooring ropes and a control panel with built in GFI and timer. After opening your box you could honestly be sitting on the shore or deck enjoying your fountain drinking a cocktail just 20-30 minutes later.

You can browse our product pages or give us a call and we can walk you through what is your best fit for your application and budget.

To get even more enjoyment, light kits are available for night time viewing and these run on timers as well. We even have different color bulbs to give you the look you desire.

If you have been considering a fountain for your lake, pond, lake association etc… Please give us a call, we would be happy to explain it all in greater detail.


Paul Cole

The Pond Warehouse

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