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Fire and Water

Just imagine how cool this would be at your house or office courtyard, indoors or outdoors. The beauty and tranquility of Fire and Water. This kit comes complete with everything you need other than the brick. The brick can all be done just dry stacking – like playing with blocks. An easy afternoon project.

The Kits comes complete with all of the items below! (saving you 30% from list price)

   Custom built, rectangular shaped vinyl liner
   Fire box with 12″ natural gas burner and lava rock (propane adapter is available)
   EP2200 pump
   UWD23 23″ waterfall diffuser with UWD23C copper flange
   Copper sleeve around fire box
   All tubing, valves, fittings and installation DVD

Click Here  for more information.

Buy it now and tell your spouse you bought it as a Valentine’s day gift!

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