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Facebook has been a great way to connect with our customers. After creating our Facebook Fan page we heard from a few customers – they wondered if we could post more of our products to our Facebook page. We spoke with our website developer about how to get our products onto Facebook and the costs did not make sense for our marketing budget - so we searched online and found a Facebook Application that creates a shop tab. Absolutely love this Facebook ShopTab application and wanted to share our experience with you. With over 350 million fans on Facebook it was a “no brainer” to get The Pond Warehouse onto Facebook. If you have a business that sells products online you should look into Facebook ShopTab at http://www.facebook.com/ShopTabApp

Here it what it looks like !


Our Facebook page has become a very popular way for us to connect with our customers. Not having our products displayed on Facebook was really the only missing piece – having fans was great, but fans that can shop is even better. Pictures, products and descriptions certainly help people learn and find what they want. We are very pleased that our products are on our Facebook page in a very nice looking shop tab – we hope you like it too.

Setting up ShopTab was actually really easy. Much easier than anything I have ever set up on line. With The Pond Warehouse website we have an admin panel that we use to manage all our products, inventory, pricing, etc. We were able to just export “The Pond Warehouse Google Base” (now called Google Merchant Center) product data feed from our website, made a few changes to our data feed file in Excel and then uploaded through the ShopTab tool. Seeing The Pond Warehouse Facebook shop tab live (and so quickly) was really very rewarding.

Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/ThePondWarehouse?v=app_189977524185

 Let us know your thoughts. If you are not a fan yet of The Pond Warehouse Facebook page please click on become a fan and we will update you on new products and specials exclusive for our Facebook Fans.

Thanks – The Pond Warehouse

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