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Capture the Wind!

Aeration is the single best improvement you can do for a pond or lake & your fish – plus a diffuser system is also your winter de-icer to protect your fish from winter kill where deadly gases can’t get through the ice and the toxins kill your fish. So…. use a diffuser system and perhaps you can run it for free for life!

Windmills ar every effective – that is why our parents, grand parent and great grand parents and generations before them used them. Sure then came electricity – cheap, plenty of it etc… but we all know how that has changed.

Windmills won’t work in every application, but with 3+ MPH winds you can aerate your pond for free. We have windmills ranging from 9′ tall for water gardens and larger ones up to 25 feet tall for large ponds and lakes.  Our large windmills are capable of producing up to 3 CFM (cubic feet per minute of air) with a 9 MPH wind &  5 CFM with a 15 MPH wind – these are incredible numbers!

So if you are in a location where you can harness the wind – go for it!  :)

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