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Our 2011 product offering is better than ever!

We are very excited about our new unique products and our product improvements.
As always you can expect a great value from us along with the best in customer service.

Let’s start with a few New offerings.
One of the most exciting and popular new products is our Vianti Falls Kits. These half basins are fantastic for indoor and outdoor. These kits come with everything you need.

We have also added to our Formal Wall Fountain offering with a new product that also includes a pond.

Next is the new EasyPro bead filter  - This filter is very well priced and built like a tank. It has higher flow than other brands.

Now on to our product improvements.
The EP-Series waterfall pumps have been replaced by the TM & TB Series pumps. EasyPro has re-designed them for better flow, efficiency and service life. They also come with a 30′ cord and a 2 year warranty !
The leading TH Series pumps are still available as well.

Lastly we have added an option to our larger earthen pond aeration offerings. Traditionally we have only sold GAST compressors in our kits. GAST build great products and we will still be proudly selling them. We have added an option of an EasyPro Stratus compressor. These compressors have been through tough testing and have performed with flying colors. This offering is limited to our rocking piston line up, but now we have several sizes to choose from. In addition they have a 2 Year Warranty !

There are other additions and improvements to our complete product offering (too many to list).
We encourage you to look at our new E-Catalog for 2011 and book mark it so that you always have it. It carries every product we have.

New 2011 Catalog

Feel free to call us with any questions.

We look forward to serving you again this year.
Spring is on the way !
Paul and Crissy Cole

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