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Have you ever wished your backyard had a pond or a garden waterfall? Do you find the sounds of water soothing? Now is a great time for that Fall project and The Pond Warehouse http://thepondwarehouse.com has everything you need. We carry full pond kits as well as individual parts; pond filter, pond liners and other pond supplies.

One of the main reasons for installing a garden pond or a waterfall display is pure aesthetics. They’re beautiful, they add value to your property (always a great reason), and think of the stress relieving factor of the sound of gently cascading water. If you’ve always wanted to live by the water, this is a great way to make your dream come true.

Just a Falls \ Pond-less Kit

With a Just a Falls kit from The Pond Warehouse , you can install a mini-waterfall in almost any location in your yard. Pick the focal point, whether it’s at the edge of a patio or around a bend on the garden path, or located next to your favorite bench.

The kit comes complete with all the supplies you’ll need. Just a Falls kits come in an 18” or 34” wide stream and are complete with all the pieces required for assembling your waterfall. We also sell additional supplies designed specifically for the EasyPro Pro-Series so there are no compatibility issues.

If you’re interested in a pond for your backyard or garden, we carry EasyPro Pond kits. Considered one of the top manufacturers of pond equipment, you’ll be able to find the exact size you want from a small 6×6 ft pond all the way up to a 34×34 ft. pond. With skimmer, EPDM rubber liner, continuous duty pumps, valve assembly, PVC pipe and pipe glue everything you’ll need is in one box- a great kit for all the “do-it-yourselfers” out there. All additional replacement pieces and accessories by EasyPro are available as well.

If you’ve never installed a pond or waterfall that’s not a problem, each kit comes with complete instructions for installation. We feature a series of articles on The Pond Warehouse website designed to answer commonly asked questions and provide valuable resources, check out 11 Tips Before Building a Backyard Water Garden or Backyard Pond.  Remember, there is always someone available to provide support on every item purchased from The Pond Warehouse, call us at 1-877-268-6186 or contact us  through the website. Be sure to check out our home page  to see our featured items.

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  • Neatbackyardstuff

    I love these pond kits. They make it so easy. Also, loved the article on the 11 steps to building a backyard pond. I particularly found the suggestions on how to avoid algae, which has been my main problem as a new pond builder. Once you've built in the wrong location, you've created a maintenance problem that can easily ruin your pond experience.

  • scooltim

    The kit to do all the supplies you need. Package came in the Waterfall on an 18 “or 34″wide stream, and all parts needed to complete assembly of the waterfall. We also sell other products specifically for the pro series do not exist EasyPro compatibility issues.

  • http://www.pondpro2000.com Pondpro2000

    If you’ve never installed a pond or waterfall that’s not a problem, you may have the easiest one Pondpro2000 each kit comes with complete instructions for installation.